12274528_480036825491676_6736445025336407311_nInstitute of Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia in cooperation with primary schools Johann Heinrich -12195939_478505268978165_5338099101150228453_n Pestalozzi, Rajko Zinzifov, Peter Zdravkovski – Penko and Creative Center “Star“ marked the World Food Day 2015 conveying the message: To turn the circle to the rural environment, in their drawings.

The art works were published on the FB – profile of the Institute of Public Health. The drawing with the most likes, is an illustration of  the gratitude that received all pupils who drew a drawing, their teachers and the school.

Ten drawings having the most likes were framed and were donate as a gift to the Institute for Rehabilitation of Hearing, Speech and Voice, Children’s department in the Clinic for Ear Throat Nose, Daily Care Centre for children with cerebral palsy, Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Clinic, Day care center for children with autism in Topansko Pole.

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The initiative of the Institute of Public Health was welcomed by the schools and institutions whom donated paintings. The purpose of this activity is through animation of the youngest, to raise awareness among the general population of healthy lifestyle through prevention of health and to convey the message that safe and healthy food has an important role.