The American company Waters Corporation, which produces laboratory equipment and consumables in one of its technology recommendations for the pesticide permethrin analysis, recommends a new method and a new type of HPLC chiral column on the Internet address: .pdf

The purpose of this recommendation is to analytically distinguish the isomer of pesticides that differ, inter alia, according to their properties: toxicity and biological activity. With its application, it will be possible to analyze products based on permethrin more successfully, and they will be able to examine this pesticide as a contaminant in food, soil and other. The application could be extended to the whole group of similar pesticides.

The explanation is based on three references, one of which is part of M’s Shishovska doctoral thesis, from the Sector for investigation and control of medicaments at the Institute for Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia.

The work was published in the professional magazine Chirality, which has an impact factor of 1,833, and is printed by the publishing house Wiley Periodicals, Inc. (Chirality, 22 (5), 2010; 527-33).