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In Zagreb, Croatia, on October 28 and 29, an initiative meeting was held for the establishment of a network of Southeast Europe for safety and quality of food which was attended by Director of the Institute of public health, ass. d-r Shaban Memeti and Assoc. Dr. Gordana Ristovska. The role of the network will be primarily to protect the consumers’ health and to rise it to a higher level considering to food safety, harmonization of standards derived from national or international legislation, education and exchange of knowledge, experts and services. One of the goals of the network will be a joint presentation to the European Regional Development Fund, Horizon 2020, Erasmus and others.

So far, 11 countries from the region voted for participation in the network, in addition to Croatia as an initiator and a member of EU, are joining Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, EU member states: Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary. The founders that will be represented are public health institutions, private companies working in the field of food safety and scientific institutions such as faculties and research institutes. The Director, ass. Dr Shaban Memeti supported the idea of ​​establishing and expressed willingness to join the regional network.

The establishment and functioning of this international and multi-sectoral association will bring more multiple benefits, primarily, the health of the 70 million people, it will facilitate food trade and thus, economic gain.