During the 10th  week of 2020, 3256 (I = 157.4/ 100,000) cases of influenza / flu-like illnesses were reported in the Republic of North Macedonia.

This week, 47 materials were available for laboratory testing of influenza in the IPH laboratory for virology. From the tested materials, 25 (51.1%) were positive for the presence of influenza virus – 7 were detected type A (1 A / H1pdm, 6 A / H3) and 17 were influenza type B (16 Victoria). and 1 Underemined line ).

Compared to the number of reported cases registered this week to the 10h week of last season (n = 2430) is increased by 34% and compared to the 10th week of the typical epidemic curve (modeled from the last 9 seasons) ( n = 1569) is registered an increase by 2.1 times (Chart 1).
The reported incidence is below the weekly limit of seasonal activity of the influenza virus (I = 36.4 / 100,000).

Influenza activity is below the seasonal level, according to the MEM model for determining the intensity of seasonal influenza activity (chart 1).

Chart 1. Intensity levels and weekly distribution of influenza / influenza-like illness by expected epidemic curve 2010-2019, season 2018/2019 and 2019/2020

grip 10.1

Regarding the distribution of the diseases by age groups, the highest number of cases was reported in the age group that covers the largest part of the population (15-64 years) – 1688 cases (51.8%) and the highest incidence (413.5 / 100,000) is registered in children aged 5-14. (chart 2)

Chart 2. Weekly distribution of seasonal influenza / influenza-like illnesses by age groups – incidence per 100,000 population, 2019/2020 season

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