Course – Food safety and protection of environment

Institute of Public Health of the Republic of North Macedonia organizes and conducts training for Basic knowledge of food safety, intended for persons working in the production and trade in food. The training is conducted in accordance with the program and content prescribed by the Rules. The Law on Food Safety (Official Gazette of RM no. 157/2010), regulates that the food producer is obliged to ensure the production of food with people who have elementary knowledge of food hygiene, and with Rules for sanitary hygienic conditions for food production (Fig. Gazette no. 32/2006) among other things, regulates that staff which work in food production should have a basic knowledge of food hygiene and environmental protection.

We are free to offer you to organize training for food hygiene for your employees. We provide equipment required for maintenance of teaching, auxiliary equipment and teaching aids. After the training the candidate examination and obtained a certificate of basic knowledge of food hygiene and environmental protection.

The cost of training per person is 2400 denars, which depends on the cooperation agreement can be reduced by up to 20%.

Contact Information

Dr. Aneta Kostova
Tel 02 / 3125-044 ext 119