Medical social activity

  • Monitors  health status of the population, the system and the organization of medical care
  • plans, programes, collects, processes, analyzes and evaluates data from health statistics,
  • participates in the development and implementation of special programs of health activity,
  • proposes measures about health needs of the population,
  • establishes priorities for satisfying needs and improving the health status of the population.
  • provides quality, valid and updated data on health status and health system
  • performs professional expertise to create policy-based evidence – evidence and preparing strategies.

 The departments are:

  1. Department for health promotion and health education
  2. Department for analysis of health systems; medical – health standards and accreditation
  3. Department for monitoring of non-communicable diseases
  4. Department of economics, planning and development in health
  5. Department of reproductive, adolescent health and vulnerable groups
  6. Department for control and prevention of injuries and violence
  7. Department for protection of patients with medical deontology

Head-chief: Prof. d-r. Elena Kjosevska –  specialist in social medicine
Head of the Department of health promotion and health education
Tel.02 / 3125-044 ext 230