Department examinates its wholesomeness pursuant to the safety of cosmetic products Official Gazette no. 55/07, Rules for sale of items of general use Official Gazette 26/83 and the European Directive 76/768 (with annexes), in the following product groups:

– Products for household hygiene

– Products for professional use

– Products for personal hygiene

– Products for hygiene and care of infants and toddlers

– Products from the group of decorative cosmetics

– Products for the hygiene in industry, hospitality and hotel business – only for professional use

– Raw materials for the manufacture of cosmetic products and the group of products for personal hygiene and household hygiene

– Distribution (certificate wholesomeness)of product group of cosmetic products and the group of assets for personal hygiene and household hygiene

– Confirmation of the suitability of the quality of examinated sample delivered with quality specification


The Sector uses in its operation sophisticated equipment and 4 systems: HPLC, GC, FTIR spectrophotometer, UV / VIS spectrophotometer, apparatus for releasing the active substance from the pharmaceutical dosage forms, dissolution apparatus, a decomposition apparatus, a pH meter apparatus AAS- determination of heavy metals, ELISA, an apparatus for performing the bacterial endotoxin (LAL assay and turbidimetriski method), an apparatus for performing the pyrogen test and other equipment.

Staff who is employed in the sector is multidisciplinary and includes Doctor of Science in Pharmacy, pharmacy specialists in testing and control of medicaments, medical specialist in microbiology, biologist specialist of Biological Sciences, Msc in Chemistry, pharmacists, engineers in chemistry, biologist, engineer of biology, medical and pharmaceutical laboratory technician.