The activities of the department are going through:

  • monitoring and studying vaccine-preventive diseases in North Macedonia by collecting, analyzing and processing of individual applications for communicable disease, group (weekly) reports for influenza, and numerous information, notices and other information about the status of communicable diseases in North Macedonia, received from the regional centers for public health and their regional offices and other health care organizations;
  • direct participation in the epidemiological researches in the country and provision of methodological assistance;
  • monitoring and control of the implementation of compulsory immunization in the country (according to the calendar of vaccination), through regular reports and controls, where (is provided) expert methodological assistance (indicating the mistakes and proposing measures for their removal)is provided;
  • prepares periodic information and annual reports on the implementation of mandatory immunization;
  • prepares and proposes annual Program to the Ministry of Health;
  • Prepares annual reports on realization of the programs, and annual reports on its complete work;

Head of the department for supervision of immunization:

Professional team:

spec. Dr. Christina Stavridis

D-r Largime Balazhi

D-r Enkela Polozani