In the period from 02.02.2019 until 08.02.2019,  54 cases of measles were reported in Skopje and 4 cases from other cities (Kumanovo, Tetovo and Gevgelija), for which epidemiological connection can not be found with the cases reported in the epidemic in Skopje.

As of 08.02.2019, in the epidemic in Skopje, 201 cases are classified as measles after the epidemiological investigations and laboratory results.

The epidemic affects all municipalities on the territory of the city of Skopje.

The age of the diseased varies from 1 month to 51 years. From the total number of patients, 115 (57.2%) are aged up to 4 years and 44 persons (21.9%) are over the age of 30 years.

According to the vaccine status, 144 or 71.6% of diseased persons are unvaccinated, incompletely vaccinated or with unknown vaccine status.

From the total number of patients, 103 persons, ie 51.2%, were laboratory confirmed.

Regarding the implemented vaccination activities with MRI vaccine, since the beginning of the epidemic, the total number of vaccinated people in the Republic of Macedonia is 8,434, out of which 5,900 persons are in the territory of the city of Skopje.

The previously recommended measures and activities undertaken by the Centers for Public Health, the Public Health Institute, the Ministry of Health, SSHI and vaccine teams at the vaccination stations remain in force.