We would like to inform you that the Ministry of Health and other relevant institutions are successfully managing with the situation after intensive rainfall and flash floods 33/l/m2 in 30 minutes, and in following 2 hours/93 l/m2 in Skopje’s region in the Republic of Macedonia, on 06th August 2016 (in the evening).

In Tetovo’s region there has been rainfall about 34 l/m2/24 hours (no victims and no damage to households, only damaged roads and streets).

Biggest consequences are in Skopje’s region in settlement Cento (baserooms), v.Singelic (3000 population/70% endangered), v.Stajkovci (3500 population/960 households/70% endangered), с.Смилковци (345 population/100 households/70% endangered), v.Cresevo (1278 population /350 households/70% endangered) and v.Аrаcinovo (11600 population/30 households/300 persons endangered).

  • In Skopje’s region there are 21 victims (drowned), medical help has been provide to more than 70 persons, 45 patient have been transported by the EMS in hospitals on Saturday/Sunday (06/07 August 2016), all of them have received proper medical care.
  • At this moment is on-going on cleaning the terrain and water draining from flooded areas.
  • There have been evacuated more than 1000 persons from the endangered population in the reception points for the endangered population at the Primary School „25 Мај“ in the settlement Cento and at the Primary School „Naum Naumovski Borce“ and others in households of their relatives (by their choice).
  • There has been provided reception point for storage and distribution of food, drinking water, clothes, blankets, medical supplies, and medical drugs in all endangered settlements.
  • Drinking water has been prohibited in these regions.
  • Drinking water has been provided by water tanks and bottled drinking water.
  • Local population has been informed and basic precautionary recommendations about safe drinking water, avoiding consumption of vegetables from flooded areas, food and hand hygiene have been distributed.
  • Population has been informed in case of symptoms of diarrhea/vomitus, or other medical problems to request health care from the nearest health institution.
  • Public Health Centers and health institutions are mobilized.
  • Institute of Public health of the Republic of Macedonia and Public Health Center Skopje have taken samples of drinking water from water supply network for bacteriological and physical-chemical analysis from the endangered areas in Skopje, аnd Public Health Center Tetovo in Tetovo’s region.
  • After calming the situation are following rehabilitation measures (mechanical cleaning of surface areas and objects, and disinfection/disinsection of механичко чистење на површините и објектите, и дезинфекција/дезинсекција на surface areas).
  • Crisis Headquarter is in permanent session, as well the Government.
  • At this stage there are no cases of communicable and other diseases.
  • Crisis is declared by the Government with duration of 15 days (from 07-22.08.2016).