Center of Reference Laboratories is organizational technical department that unites all laboratories in IPH RM. Laboratory segment of activities and tasks of the IPH prescribed by the Law on Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia is fully realized in the center of reference laboratories. The organization, tasks, powers and responsibilities of employees are regulated by the Statute (last amended February 2009) and the Regulation on internal organization and systematization of jobs IPH RM (last amended in July 2009).

Laboratory tests are performed in accordance with applicable national and international standards and regulations, taking into constant care (for) the needs and requirements of the consuments/users and the continuous increase in the level of reliability of the results.

Quality in performing laboratory analysis at the Center of reference laboratories is provided by developing and following agreed professional standards and guidelines, continuous professional development of staff in the field of public health, implementation and maintenance of laboratory management system and accreditation of laboratories.

Center of Reference Laboratories is composed

  1. Biological Laboratories

Laboratory receipt of biological materials, the preparation of substrates and disposal of infectious waste

Laboratory of Bacteriology and antimicrobial resistance

Laboratory of Virology and Molecular Diagnostics

Laboratory of Parasitology

Laboratory for sanitary microbiology

Laboratory hematological – biochemical tests

  1. Chemical Laboratory

Laboratory testing of food quality

Laboratory for water testing

Laboratory for contaminants and eco-toxicology

Laboratory testing of metals

Laboratory for health safety of items for general use

  1. Radiology laboratories

Laboratory of Radioecology

Laboratory for ionizing radiation

Laboratory for non-ionizing radiation