The best paper award – “Zika virus – a worldwide challenge ” by MD, Prim. Dr. Zarko Karadzovski,

Prim. Dr. Zarko Karadzovski, Head of Department for tropical, quarantine diseases and HIV / AIDS at the Sector for Control and prevention of infectious diseases, has been awarded for paper ” Zika virus – a worldwide challenge” as the best paper award of the 6th Congress the Union of Associations of medical laboratory (SZMLSTRM) and 44th  October meeting, held from 6 to 9 October in Struga, at hotel “Inex Drim”.

Spec. med. lab., Zhivadinka Cvetanovska, a representative of IPH, presented EWARN – (early warning system for communicable disease surveillance and response) i.e. the system of connection of information, warning and data collection and immediate intervention of the public health system through an early warning system and surveillance of communicable diseases in Macedonia and quick response.

Besides representatives of the Medical Faculty in Skopje, CGH “September 8″, Avicenna, Institute of Public Health, Higher Medical School in Bitola, the meeting was attended by participants from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Montenegro.

The Congress is important to modern approaches in laboratory medicine, where educators had the opportunity to share their knowledge and to inspire cooperation between professionals, professional exchange of experiences and enrich their knowledge.

The topics of the Congress were aimed at familiarizing with Personalized medicine and Zika viral infection as a worldwide challenge, antimicrobial resistance, control and immunization, and recommendations of IFCC standardization and application.